Class Descriptions

What is TriYoga?

 * Wave or flow *

* Transformation *

* Deep Relaxation *

* The Tai Chi of yoga *

* Meditation in motion*

* A flowing graceful, dance-like yoga *

* Union of flowing and sustained postures, breath work and mental focus *


Yoga classes are designed for those new to TriYoga or those who want a gently restorative class. Basics is the necessary foundation for all classes. It is also a complete practice in itself. Basics introduces core alignments, wavelike spinal movements, pranayama and the principles of flow.

Level   1  - The Earth Series

Yoga classes are building on the Basics trinity of asana, breath and mudra.  

This is the second TriYoga level - new flows and postures are introduced while core alignments presented in Basics are deepened and refined.

Level   2  - The Water Series

The water element is the focus of Level 2. The wavelike movements of the spine introduced in Basics and used throughout Level 1 naturally evolve into the energy flows of Level 2. Emphasis is on flowing  in and out of asana in effortless alignment, synchronizing movement and breath and the flow of subtle energy.