I am a certified TriYoga instructor (through

Level 3), licensed clinical social worker,     LCSW-R,  in private practice, and an actress and director. I have a unique approach in that I blend the principles of TriYoga, such as relaxation-in-action, into all of my fields of expertise. The benefits of this comprehensive yoga system enhance not only one’s daily life, but offers tools to naturally transform traumas and difficulties, and also develops important skills for honing acting abilities. “My personal TriYoga practice brings me grace and health, and a door to the cosmic dimension of my humanity. Teaching TriYoga brings me immense joy, witnessing students come to their own “home” of inner peace and knowledge of the Self.” ​

How people come to yoga is always an interesting story so I will begin with my chance meeting with yoga, the beginning of my journey. It is a late summer afternoon, and I am lying on the couch trying to read a book. But out loud I am complaining about my weight gain and not understanding why it is that I can’t lose weight. My innocent 12-year-old son strolls into the living room listening, as I am sure he has before, to my not-so-hushed laments. He casually turns his head without losing his stride and says, “Maybe if you move instead of always lying on the couch reading books you could lose weight.” There is no malice, only barefaced truth. And with that delivered, out the front door he went. I am thunderstruck by the reality of myself. So off to the gym I go. I get myself a trainer and I do it all: weights, treadmill, bouncy balls. One day on the treadmill doing my usual assessing, surmising that everyone must be as miserable as me, I see a stream of people leaving a side room with happy sunshine faces. I jump off my treadmill and ask a woman what she was doing in that room. She says, “Yoga. It’s great!” So on an early Wednesday morning I leave my husband and children sleeping and off into the sunrise I go. The positions my body went into made sense to me, although they were quite challenging, and Savasana at the end of class was heaven. The nectar began to flow, not just in how I felt in class but in the sense of calm, physical ease and strength I felt afterwards.


This opportunity that yoga offers to dip into the inner river of nectar is why I returned to class over and over and eventually developed my daily practice. Knowing that life can be this rich and this good is also why I came to teaching-to give each individual a door to their birthright, that knowledge of the divine spark in ourselves and all things.


The inspiration and guidance for TriYoga comes from Yogini Kaliji’s direct, ongoing experience of Kriyavati siddhi, Kundalini energy manifesting itself as hatha yoga. I met Kaliji in 2004 at a workshop in East Northport. I fell in love with this beautiful practice. The inherent characteristics of this expression are smooth, rhythmic breath, spinal waves, relaxation-in-action, and economy of movement. Ultimately TriYoga is merging with the inner flow and universal energy.